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Aylsham Activites Week

The Aylsham Community commissioned myself, Valentina Huckova and Eszter Sandor to lead five days at the Aylsham HighSchool during their annual activities week. The project was then shown to the Aylsham community at the Aylsham Picture house where we held an awards night for the students with Lady Hurt as the special guest to deliver the awards.


The week was to introduce the children to animation as it is not something that has been offered at the school before. Norwich University of the Arts invited the students to see the animation course at the uni with the hope to inspire some children to pursue a career in the arts.


During the week we taught them the principles of animation and the basics of stop motion so that they could create their own film by the end of the week, showcasing their new skills and with a theme of their home community as well as the overall theme of environmental issues and habitats.

Below is the finished film by the students which showcases their creative concepts:

The video below is a behind the scenes look at the week, documented by the school art teacher:

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